• Floral Mist Patterned Paint Roller

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    Introducing patterned paint rollers, allowing you to have the effect of wallpaper in your home without the hassle and expense.  Our pattern rollers are like rolling stamps, using paint as a medium to apply a seamless designer pattern directly on your walls.  Think of it like paintable wallpaper: wallpaper you roll on simply with paint!  All you need are paint, a pattern roller of your choice, and a specialized applicator and you are on your way to creating beautiful patterned designs on your walls. 

    The pattern rollers are perfect for any DIY decorator who wants to add a special touch to any room.  In fact, these rollers are not limited for use on walls, but can also be used on paper for handmade cards or wrapping paper, on wood to spruce up an old floor or furniture, or on fabric to customize drapes, throw cushions and more.  Plus, you have the creative direction in picking the color scheme that best suits your taste and project. 

    NOTE: The rollers must be used with our Foam Applicator (recommended for walls, paper, wood) or Multi Applicator (recommended for fabric).  These applicators can be purchased separately. 

    Features & Benefits:
    • Each roller is 6 inches wide. 
    • Suitable for both homeowners and renters who do not want to worry about damaging their walls with adhesives necessary for wallpaper or decals. 
    • Ideal for intricate designs that are difficult to achieve with stencils. 
    • Cost effective as our products are a fraction of the price of paying for multiple rolls of wallpaper.  Plus, they are reusable and can be used on multiple surfaces and in various colors. 
    • Durable as long as you use high-quality paint, but also easy to change if you want to revamp your color or design. 
    • Easy to clean with water (and a little soap if necessary) for future use.  

    Refer to our ‘How To’ page for detailed instructions with pictures. 

Floral Mist Patterned Paint Roller

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